Mini Articles – Minimum Wage

Ah, summer. The weather is hot, wet and stormy. There is at least one thunderstorm every day, just as it always has been. There is obviously no such thing as climate change… Right, wrong turn. Where was I? Oh, right, it’s summertime. Everyone is busy being not so busy, or in some cases, like me, being busier than ever before. As such there haven’t been many new articles from us at the Liberale Tafelrunde lately (can we just go ahead and call it the round table from now on?). It’s time to change that.

Reaching a compromise with myself, I have decided to put everything else I’ve been writing here on hold for an undetermined amount of time (do not worry, nothing has been cancelled) and start writing a series of mini-articles that do not require much research at all (if any) and are designed to inform the reader (that’d be you) on all the sides of an argument found in society. Of course I do not claim to know everything nor will I always be able to provide you with a solid answer, nor do I intend to. This is meant merely as an informative piece of writing, nothing more.

You may also have noticed that this is the first article we’ve published in English. I am doing this mostly out of convenience, because I am writing a few other papers that have nothing to do with this, in English as well and generally feel like it. Now on to the first actual mini-article; I hope you enjoy reading it.

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